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  • October 8, 2008
  • News

Taking the 4th

Mark Logic has released MarkLogic Server 4.0, the latest iteration of its popular XML product.

New features include:

geospatial support--capabilities that enable organizations to build location-based applications that search and analyze content enhanced with geospatial markup.

entity enrichment--built-in support for entity identification and inline markup.

the Open Enrichment Framework--an initiative created to speed integration with third-party entity extraction engines and other content enrichment tools.

large-scale alerting--user-creation of alerts so that as new content arrives (or if existing content is updated), they are immediately notified by their preferred method.

enhanced analytics--features to provide users with interfaces for exploring content to help the discovery process.

full XQuery 1.0 support--complete compliance with the W3C XQuery 1.0 recommendation.

MarkLogic 4.0 also includes a number of other capabilities and enhancements, including:

  • automation of key management activities, through scriptable administration and scheduled backups;
  • event logging and auditing support; and
  • the ability to create modular documents for more efficient information reuse, with support for XPointer and XInclude, mechanisms for merging XML documents.

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