• August 10, 2009
  • News

Sensible SMB BI

SiSense has released PrismCubed, which is said to be an easy-to-use, low-cost tool for in-depth, end–to-end SMB business intelligence.

The company says PrismCubed satisfies SMBs' requirement for sophisticated, multidimensional analysis of accurate day-to-day business data. With no coding, programming or scripting necessary, PrismCubed can be implemented quickly, with limited technical resources and at a low cost.

PrismCubed enables companies to easily and dynamically perform information analysis from existing company databases, deploy them to users and create a scalable and secure solution. The product’s interface is designed to make it easy to use for business intelligence application creation, including intuitive dashboards and guided analytics from multisourced and disparate data. Further, says SiSense, PrismCubed allows users to perform all data preparation, integration and synthesis using a visual workflow, enabling the development of a robust and accurate business intelligence practice regardless of company size or resources.

Optimized for unmatched query speed, PrismCubed’s new data store utilizes in-memory technology coupled with a columnar database, eliminating the need for resource-draining data warehouses or OLAP implementations. A unique feature of PrismCubed is the ability to connect directly to data sources such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and even an existing OLAP to show live dashboards and guided analytics applications.

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