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  • January 11, 2013
  • News

Secure document delivery with NetDocuments V. 13.1

NetDocuments has unveiled its Version 13.1 cloud-based content management and collaboration solution. This latest release contains more than 20 new and updated features, including document delivery via a secure link and a new search engine.

Secure Document Delivery enables public sharing of documents without loss of content control. The company explains users select the documents they wish to deliver, and NetDocuments generates a secure URL for each document to be sent to multiple e-mail addresses. This feature offers users a number of security and control options, including the ability to:

  • password-protect the viewing of documents;
  • set document permissions, including the ability to download documents;
  • set a predetermined expiration date, after which the URL will no longer be active; and
  • lock the original version of the document in NetDocuments, thereby prohibiting any changes to be made to the delivered document.

Previously, third parties could only gain access to documents stored in NetDocuments by obtaining a username and password through a client portal. The Secure Document Delivery feature also improves collaboration and adds increased functionality to the suite of SEC-, FINRA- and HIPAA-compliant content management features.

As part of the 13.1 release, the NetDocuments’ NDSearch, an enterprise-class search platform embedded in NetDocuments and available to all users, now relies on the Solr search engine to power its functionality. Solr’s open source enterprise platform provides NetDocuments with the flexibility to adjust search functionality to meet customer needs. All previous search features remain available, including search analysis filters, find similar, dynamic filters and saved search. NetDocuments says Solr displays items in workspaces and other search result lists more quickly, an improvement in productivity made possible by Solr’s ability to index metadata for documents significantly faster.

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