• February 26, 2014
  • News

Secure data exchange from Safe-T

Safe-T has released a new version of its data exchange platform, Safe-T Box. The company says Version 5.0 features more comprehensive protection of sensitive data including an additional level of security. Further, it says, Version 5.0 features a built-in ability to secure the data in dozens of leading business applications, data repositories and cloud services.

The company says that Safe-T Box 5.0 is designed to prevent sensitive data from being accessible to hackers by being the only secure data exchange solution that does not require sensitive data to be stored in the so-called “de-militarized zone” (DMZ). The company’s RSAccess Secure Front End technology eliminates the need to open incoming ports within the firewall, reducing the threat of data breaches, while also simplifying regulation compliance efforts, reports Safe-T. Data scanning is also performed in an isolated network segment that is not in the DMZ or the LAN, therefore not exposing the files to an external threat during the scanning process.

Safe-T Box 5.0 contains dozens of pre-built connectors that allow business applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle and Salesforce to securely share sensitive data with users and other applications across a variety of enterprise and cloud storage solutions. Safe-T Box 5.0 further includes various authentication methods including SAML, Open ID, Active Directory, LDAP and a built-in authentication server.

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