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  • September 12, 2014
  • News

Saffron and ManTech partner to fight financial fraud

Saffron has formed an alliance with ManTech International to deliver its cognitive computing platform to the financial services industry. The joint offering is said to be well suited for financial institutions concerned with reducing fraud, such as private equity and venture capital groups, hedge funds, banks and insurance organizations. Saffron’s Natural Intelligence Platform has been designed to combat money laundering, waste and abuse; reduces false claims; and improves quality and regulatory compliance. ManTech is a provider of mission-critical national security programs for the intelligence community.

Saffron claims the Natural Intelligence Platform mimics the brain's ability to associate people, places and things in context, but at scales that far exceed human capabilities. Saffron ingests data from disparate sources and automatically connects the dots to illuminate the knowledge that really matters. Every time new data is received, Saffron builds associations with existing memories to find new patterns, similarities, anomalies or sequences, revealing new information that would have remained undetected otherwise. Saffron learns incrementally and adapts in real time from new incoming data and human feedback.

Saffron integrates with an organization’s existing analytics architecture to enhance the speed and volumes at which data can be converted to usable knowledge and to improve the accuracy of results.

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