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  • November 23, 2009
  • News

Recommind launches Insite Legal Hold V. 2.0

Recommind has introduced Insite Legal Hold Version 2.0, which is designed to help enterprises identify, explore, assess, preserve and collect electronically stored information (ESI) to prepare for and comply with litigation, regulatory oversight and investigations of every kind.

Insite Legal Hold features Recommind's unique Explore in Place technology, which allows enterprises to review ESI where it resides before it is collected and placed on hold. Version 2.0 features SmartTagger and SmartFilter technologies, which allow organizations to dynamically assess and analyze ESI along myriad parameters before, during and after a single piece of content is collected. Developed specifically to meet today's information risk management requirements, Insite Legal Hold V. 2.0 is said to expedite the early case assessment (ECA) and analysis processes and to make e-discovery more predictable, manageable and ultimately more defensible. SmartTaggers and SmartFilters can be created and customized on a case-by-case basis so enterprises can review data according to their own terminology and processes.

The ability to instantly tag a document or class of documents allows subject matter experts to assess and analyze documents earlier in the e-discovery process, reducing possessing costs and mitigating the risk of inadvertent disclosure of privileged documents. With these new features, says Recommind, the product gives enterprises granular control over the amount of data processed, culled and reviewed, adding a new level of analysis to ECA, greatly reducing e-discovery costs and enabling more strategic, precise and defensible collection processes.

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