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  • April 10, 2012
  • News

Real-time big data mining from TIBCO

TIBCO has introduced ActiveSpaces 2.0, which, the company says, is designed to mine real-time digital, social and event streams together with business transactions and other traditional data sources to improve decision-making.

The new software is built using "shared nothing persistence" architecture, allowing data to be stored either in memory or on disk without requiring a central server, reports TIBCO. The approach allows organizations to quickly scale their analysis by adding more servers to the data grid, which scales 1:1 for more data and faster access with every server added. It further provides persistent storage, allowing customers to shut all their machines down and restart them without losing data access.

TIBCO says ActiveSpaces 2.0 can be used by itself as a data grid to process and manage high volumes of data in real time, or as a foundational platform for in-depth analysis of big data sets in tandem with the company’s Spotfire analytics software and Spotfire S+ statistical modeling software.

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