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  • September 9, 2011
  • News

“Productizing” Web content management

Percussion has unleashed CM1 Version 2, which the company claims is the industry’s first pure Web content management (WCM) product that provides users with full WCM functionality delivered as an easily upgradeable product in a cost-effective package. Percussion says CM1 has been engineered to provide organizations with power and control over their online content strategy, improving their ability to broaden reach, enrich social engagement with customers and maximize revenue opportunities.

New in CM1 Version 2 are comprehensive new social engagement capabilities, including advanced blogging functionality, improved content reuse, sharing and commenting capabilities, new cloud deployment options and new ways to deploy sites faster.

Percussion says it productizes the WCM application itself with CM1 2.0, enabling rapid deployment of sites and Web channels through pre-built widgets and gadgets. The company says its approach allows organizations to eliminate reliance on third-party consulting services firms to build these core features during the initial rollout, as well as for the ongoing deployment of new features and upgrades.

Through its drag-and-drop interface, says Percussion, CM1 Version 2 enables users to create, launch and maintain sophisticated websites with unmatched simplicity and at lower cost. Users can easily make any kind of edit or change—such as creating new templates, modifying page layouts, integrating social content or embedding third-party Web applications. By empowering the user, Percussion believes, organizations can make the vast majority of required ongoing updates and changes to the site on their own, reducing their reliance on internal technology teams or external services providers.

Percussion CM1 Version 2 is built upon the same server architecture as Percussion’s CM System and features numerous advancements that enable the product to scale to meet the requirements of larger sites with more users. New social engagement features include:

Integrated blogging functionality--Version 2 provides advanced blogging functionality from within the WCM to enable wider reuse of site content and rich cross linking with the blog, as well as more complete analytics from the CM1 Dashboard.

Improved content reuse--Marketers can better structure and reuse information by extending the concept of content tags and categories across all pages on the site. Dynamic indexing capabilities ensure real-time updating of tag and category widgets, exposing new tagged or categorized content as it’s published automatically. RSS functionality drives better connection to subscribers and social platforms such as Facebook or Google+.

Enhanced social engagement via comments and likes--Deepening engagement with site visitors throughout their time on the site is a critical goal of every Web marketer. Percussion CM1 Version 2 adds commenting functionality to every page under site management. Further, a new “Like” capability allows visitors to rate content, giving them the ability to engage directly on the site without connecting to an external community.

Percussion highlights further capabilities of its new offering:

Cloud ready--The company has launched cloud-based evaluations, which allow interested prospects to experience the product’s user experience and functionality to see for themselves how effortless WCM should be. It is now said to be even easier for clients to publish content to a cloud-based delivery tier or deploy Percussion CM1 Version 2 in the cloud.

Premium support for faster deployment--To help users deploy their site on Percussion CM1 Version 2 as quickly as possible, Percussion has introduced Administrator Training and Premium Support. Included at no charge for the first 90 days after purchase, Premium Support provides users with unlimited access to Percussion experts who are available to answer questions ranging from best practices to situational training and “how-to’s.”

Because Percussion CM1 Version 2 is built as a product, customers will themselves have the ability to easily upgrade as new widgets and gadgets become available without fear of breaking complex customizations or custom code built at the time of deployment. New features will generally be made available every four to six weeks.

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