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  • March 4, 2015
  • News

Powerful enterprise search connectors from Coveo

Coveo has launched a number of new and version-update connectors for its Enterprise Search Platform. The company says the Coveo Connectors further expand the opportunity for support organizations to leverage all of the customer-relevant knowledge and information fragmented among multiple cloud and enterprise applications. Unified, contextual knowledge and data can now be unified across cloud and on-premise systems with Coveo Connectors for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Lithium Online Communities, Oracle Knowledge and YouTube and improved connectors for Atlassian Confluence and JIRA.

Coveo explains its connectors are pre-built, production-ready integrations that enable indexing, or virtual unification, of unstructured and structured content from both cloud and enterprise applications. Further, it says, Coveo Connectors provide the scalability and real-time refresh capabilities for dynamic information mashups while respecting the security and permissions of each indexed system, ensuring that users see only information they have permission to view. Coveo Connectors virtually unify disparate, fragmented data into the Coveo unified index, where it is automatically enriched and can be unified with related information from vastly different systems and injected into the point of need.

Coveo highlights the following new connectors:

  • Coveo Dynamics CRM Connector—unifies valuable sales, marketing and customer service data stored within Microsoft’s flagship CRM offering, with the rest of an organization’s fragmented data;
  • the Coveo Oracle Knowledge (formerly Inquira) Connector—securely brings the rich knowledge stored within an Oracle Knowledge instance, including content records, information on discussion boards and forums, and topics and messages, into the Coveo unified index, where it can be enriched and connected virtually with related information; and
  • the Coveo Lithium Connector—allows users to search and consolidate customer-facing knowledge and information from this cloud-based, social and community platform and more.

Additionally, Coveo has also made significant enhancements to its existing Atlassian Confluence and JIRA Connectors. The Confluence Connector is now supported in the cloud, allowing Coveo for Salesforce customers to index and consolidate information from these data sources and make it available to customer service agents and customers. The Coveo Atlassian JIRA V2 Connector allows Coveo to index JIRA instances and unify content and knowledge, including items such as projects, issues, comments, attachments and more, allowing customer service organizations to access relevant bug tracking information.

Coveo has also introduced and updated a series of additional releases in support of its Enterprise Search Platform. They include:

  • Coveo PTC Windchill Connector—allows engineering and product management teams leveraging Coveo Enterprise Search to securely search and consolidate information from PTC Windchill;
  • Coveo Dropbox Connector—permits users to retrieve folder and file information from Dropbox accounts, including Dropbox folders, files and revisions;
  • Coveo RSS Connector—gives users the ability to bring RSS feed content into the Coveo unified index to make it easily searchable by users; and
  • Coveo YouTube Connector—brings video content often used in training programs directly into the context of employees at the moment of need.

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