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  • February 16, 2011
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Personalized business analytics from Coveo

Coveo has released Version 6.5 of its enterprise search platform, which includes real-time, personalized and interactive business analytics and dashboards. New, configurable dashboard widgets provide users with immediate access to 360-degree views of the information they need, across any number of repositories, reports the company.

The Coveo Platform includes two layers, the Unified Indexing Layer and the Access Interface Layer, which — when combined — let users access information from all enterprise systems through a variety of interfaces — from a Desktop Floating Search Bar to personalized and interactive dashboards.

In addition to dashboards and widgets, as well as expanded support for global organization, key features in Coveo 6.5 include:

SmartFacets — Coveo’s latest development in navigating and computing search results dynamically computes sums, averages, minimum and maximum values, as well as numerical ranges, for facet values. Coveo also delivers graphical views based on the computed results, so users can generate a view of all sales opportunities in a region, for example.

Expanded support for global organizations — Coveo now supports 45 languages, including Asian, European and Arabic.

Coveo reports use cases include:

Customer service and support — Support agents can find information and resolve customer issues faster and more accurately, particularly complex issues, to which support organizations tend to devote the most expensive resources. Rather than piecing information together from multiple systems and interfaces (the average customer service agent has eight to 10 applications open at any time), Coveo provides a single dashboard view that dynamically consolidates and correlates information about cases, customers and more.

Sales and marketing — Coveo Platform 6.5 gives executives a complete, 360-degree view of customer information. At any point in time, salespeople and executives can access consolidated, real-time information about the complete relationship of a customer to the organization, its products, people, processes and any current or former projects. Coveo dashboards are easily configured to display personalized views of: account history and satisfaction status; cross-selling and up-selling opportunities; revenue details by region, sales rep, or product line; e-mail conversations and company experts, proposals, contracts and customer service tickets, all in a single, composite view.

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