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  • March 25, 2009
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Open source ECM

Nuxeo has released Version 5.2 of its Enterprise Platform, which is deployed on Java EE 5 and has been designed to offer a wide range of functions, high scalability, standards compliance, a fast learning curve and increased productivity for both developers and users. Nuxeo DM (Document Management) is the document management application that is shipped within the platform.The company reports more than 30 new features are part of the release.

Nuxeo makes special note of the following:

  • Content annotations--in-browser HTML-based content annotation system for pictures and office files. Plus it leverages the W3C Annotea draft.
  • MS WSS--implement file-related services so that Nuxeo is seen as a SharePoint server from MS Explorer and MS Office.
  • WebWorkspace--publish a workspace on the Web to create a "mini-site" from it (including creation of wikis and blogs). It opens a way for creating dynamic and easy to set up collaboration Web sites.
  • Visible Content Store--native and natural SQL-based storage engine for the repository. Content is stored in a "human readable" data model in the database, allowing integration as the SQL level for tools like business intelligence (for reporting on content) or ETL.
Nuxeo DM’s key features include:
  • management of access rights,
  • collaboration,
  • document annotation,
  • versioning management,
  • classification of desktop items,
  • metadata management,
  • indexing and storage of external files,
  • document classification,
  • workflow,
  • notifications,
  • multidimensional classification system, and
  • archiving.
Nuxeo DM is an open application, compliant with interoperability standards and designed to integrate seamlessly within existing information systems, says the company.

Nuxeo EP 5.2 can be downloaded here.

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