• February 21, 2020
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Octopai expands support of OLAP cubes for complete data lineage

Octopai, a provider of metadata management automation for BI and analytics, is expanding support of OLAP cubes to enable organizations to understand their complete data flow.

This move enriches and advances the data lineage capabilities and empowers organizations with full control over their data assets, according to Octopai.

The added advanced capabilities in its support of OLAP (full coverage of SSAS, both tabular models and OLAP cubes) will enable those organizations who rely on analysis tools to finally enjoy complete data lineage for reports based on OLAP cubes as well as MDX (MultiDimensional eXpressions) statements.

Octopai’s expanded coverage of the OLAP Cube, a multi-dimensional array of data, allows business intelligence users to easily view reports and perform speedy data analysis across their entire data environment.

For business intelligence (BI) users, advanced OLAP cube support will save time on corporate end-of-year reporting and annual KPI planning. BI teams save time as they spend fewer hours searching, sifting through tables, views, dimensions, measures, ETL processes, and systems to be able to accurately visualize the data flow and fully understand the data and its context.

Octopai is working to bring continuous value to the business intelligence domain, and this additional layer increases the organization’s ability to trust its data.

 “We are excited to be able to offer our OLAP customers complete data lineage with our advanced coverage of OLAP. Now users can get immediate access to cube report data lineage across multiple platforms to achieve multi-dimensional analysis that was not possible before,” said Gal Ziton, CTO.

To find out more about this news, visit www.octopai.com.

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