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  • June 24, 2009
  • News

New from Reprints Desk

Content-workflow company Reprints Desk has introduced the “Mighty Linkout Machine,” an article-retrieval solution that simplifies access to scientific, technical and medical (STM) research for users, offering the potential to save research-intensive organizations between tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in document delivery costs.

Reprints Desk says Mighty Linkout Machine enables research scientists and other knowledge professionals to access scientific literature in one of three ways, all through a single user-defined interface: Via an article-level link to electronic holdings, a bounceback link to an item that can be sourced from a local library collection or a document delivery link to download a single pay-per-view PDF journal article.

Mighty Linkout Machine simplifies content retrieval by supporting both online and offline ordering methods--including email, and fax--and standardizing ordering and retrieval processes into a single step for each. Reprints Desk adds that regardless of the citation quality or source, it will apply a hybrid process of automated sourcing and speed-enhanced offline micro-tasks to quickly locate and send documents and 100% article-level links back to the user. Additional features include:

  • no IT involvement required;
  • no implementation fees, maintenance costs, or platform fees;
  • transaction-based pricing for the delivery of links, bouncebacks, and documents
  • compatible with other online link resolver technologies
  • optional ability to surface content usage rights and terms managed in Rightsphere, Copyright Clearance Center’s rights advisory and management system.

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