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New data source discovery software from Attivio

Attivio has launched Version 5 of its namesake platform. Attivio 5 delivers self-service data discovery acceleration capabilities and is said to significantly reduce the amount of time being spent on data before it can be analyzed. Attivio adds Version 5 will dramatically accelerate business intelligence and big data projects by reducing the time (from weeks or months to minutes) it typically takes to profile, identify and unify all relevant data for analysis.

Attivio says its platform enables data management professionals to automatically produce a comprehensive and enriched index of all information sources and content types residing anywhere in the enterprise ecosystem. Attivio 5 also blends automation with manual intervention to enable data scientists, business analysts and business intelligence leaders to identify and unify self-selected data tables from the universal index. By delivering a self-service capabilities, Attivio expects to dramatically reduce the time and effort of BI projects and to significantly speed “time to insight.”

Attivio explains its platform brings together traditional enterprise search with BI tools to quickly enable firms to profile and identify structured, semi-structured and unstructured information. The company believes the new offering is particularly well-suited for organizations operating in data-intensive industries including financial services, energy, life sciences and manufacturing.

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