• June 22, 2016
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New Repstor Tools Help Organizations Maximize Their Microsoft Investment

Repstor has announced the launch of the latest versions of its Outlook content management tools Repstor affinity and assist 3.3.

Repstor products offer integration with Microsoft Outlook and are targeted at users who spend large amounts of time in the program and want to manage all of their content from it.

Repstor assist provides the user with full offline filing capability that keeps the filed content fully available while on or offline. It also provides assisted filing to users by taking best practice filing and using this to suggest the most suitable location for new content.

Repstor affinity provides access to content repositories within the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook.

Repstor affinity and assist products enable users to file emails and documents into their chosen repository directly from Outlook. Repstor products plug into Outlook and leverage all the features of SharePoint or other ECM system, but in an on-screen environment familiar to users.

With release 3.3, Repstor has improved the process of finding and filing information. Users can now search for a parent level folder and then browse its child folders in the search window. The Quick File and Jump to Folder dialogs now also support expanding any folders from search results, recent locations or Repstor assist suggested locations. This allows users to locate a folder and then drill down to lower levels to identify the correct folder to use.

In addition, Repstor assist now gives users the ability to create placeholders that provide basic document generation for documents created within Repstor affinity.  This helps users to create documents consistently and use the properties associated with individual users, departments, clients, and projects by creating a template that can then be inserted into Word documents and/or updated in bulk with their current values. Repstor assist also now provides the ability to sync SharePoint lists of individual user placeholders. 

Repstor affinity and assist provide enhanced email and content management by providing deep integration with Office 365 and the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint products. In addition to the ability to compare the contents of two affinity documents in Word and convert documents accessed from affinity to Adobe PDF directly from Microsoft Word, users can now also compare Word documents with their previous SharePoint versions within affinity. When filing Word documents to a Repstor folder affinity will now notify users if there's a matching file and provide an option to compare the documents.  Customers can also integrate this with more advanced comparison applications if required.

With improved repository support, Repstor affinity 3.3 also extends support for HPE Content Manager, formerly Records Manager to include full support for the new HPE Content Manager service API, search and add classifications as a set of folders in affinity, and  a prompt for the Record Type when adding folders.

For more information on the affinity product, visit www.repstor.com/products-for-ecm-adoption/affinity and for more information on the assist product, visit www.repstor.com/products-for-ecm-adoption/assist.

Repstor is based in the UK and the updated products were showcased at the AIIM Forum in London. For more information, go to www.repstor.com.

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