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  • September 4, 2015
  • News

Networked BI from Birst

Birst has launched Networked BI, which it claims redefines the way BI is delivered and consumed by combining global governance with local execution. The company says its new offering virtualizes the entire BI ecosystem, transforming every aspect of an organization’s approach to analytics—from application development life cycles to user generated data mashups and content.

Built on Birst’s multitenant cloud architecture, the solution creates a network of interwoven BI instances that share a common analytical fabric, expanding the use of BI across multiple regions, departments and customers in a more agile way. Further, the company says, Networked BI empowers these decentralized groups to augment the global analytical fabric with their own local data, resulting in enterprise-grade scalability at unprecedented speed and user freedom with self-service data preparation capabilities and transparent governance. By bringing analytics to the virtual world with “Networked BI,” Birst eliminates data silos and dramatically accelerates the delivery of BI across the enterprise.

Birst says Networked BI allows customers to:

  • enable federated data access across the globe with local and aggregate views,
  • deliver virtual BI instances to decentralized groups to eliminate data silos and reporting chaos,
  • scale out a multitenant analytic environment to onboard new customers fast,
  • unify enterprise and local data sources without physically replicating data,
  • empower users to extend the centralized analytical fabric on their own with self-service data preparation capabilities, and
  • enable decentralized groups to augment a global analytical fabric with local data without impacting other groups.

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