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  • September 28, 2021
  • News

NetDocuments debuts integration with DocuSign eSignature

NetDocuments, the foundational content management platform for legal professionals, is introducing its integration with DocuSign eSignature, combining the governance and security of NetDocuments with the power of eSignature to deliver a natively integrated, seamless solution for users when sending, receiving, and tracking e-signatures.

As many business and law firms learned to adjust to working remotely during the pandemic, the use of electronic signatures has dramatically accelerated.

This new product integration results in greater productivity and accelerated agreement completion for transactions, NDAs, employment-related documents, and corporate contracts, among others, all inside the NetDocuments platform, according to the vendor.

Customer documents start in NetDocuments and end in NetDocuments. The direct, ‘NetDocuments to eSignature’ integration removes any middleware or additional third-party software and related costs.

“Our vision is to deliver a seamless productivity experience for legal professionals,” stated Dan Hauck, NetDocuments’ chief product officer. “Before our DocuSign eSignature integration, collecting e-signatures meant bouncing between applications, downloading extra copies of documents and managing additional governance concerns. Today, law firms and law departments can facilitate electronic signatures with eSignature directly from the single source of truth for their content: NetDocuments.”

NetDocuments’ integration with DocuSign provides NetDocuments customers with key benefits including:

  • Automating processes: Users can easily send, receive, and track e-signatures on documents inside NetDocuments—no printing, scanning, or exporting necessary. And because it’s so intuitive, no extra training is needed for internal or external users.
  • Maintaining security and governance: Users do not have to download a local copy of a document, reducing governance or retention issues. Confidential documents stay under the organization’s control.
  • Requesting and tracking signatures: Users can efficiently mark areas of a document for signature and send signature requests, providing full visibility into the process with easy status tracking and activity notifications—all within NetDocuments.
  • Automating the final product: Once all signatures are obtained, a new document is automatically uploaded to NetDocuments with all signatures included. Users can then choose whether the executed document should replace the official unsigned version or select a new location to save the final copy.

“We are thrilled to partner to bring DocuSign eSignature’s leading functionality to NetDocuments’ workspace,” said Robin Joy SVP, global alliances and partner development, DocuSign. “This eSignature integration allows our joint customers in the legal space to streamline, automate their agreement processes and do business faster.”

For more information about this integration, visit www.netdocuments.com.

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