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  • October 1, 2008
  • News

More help for publishers

Really Strategies has released Version 3.0 of RSuite CMS, its content management solution for the publishing industry. The company reports the new version provides progressive editorial features, including RSuite Forms, a plug-in to access RSuite from Adobe CS3 InCopy and XML Editor integrations. The 3.0 release also includes an extensions framework that enables developers to easily integrate custom code with RSuite to meet unique needs.

The RSuite Forms feature offers users a way to quickly input content or metadata directly into an XML document without exposing the XML, says Really Strategies. Administrators of the system can quickly create, edit and style forms that are easy for editors and authors to use.

Further, the company explains, the tight integration with Adobe's CS3 enables InCopy users the ability to browse and open XML or InCopy documents in RSuite directly from Adobe InCopy. Editorial staff members don’t need to go into an external system, and publishers can maintain their content in XML throughout its lifecycle. With its WebDAV support, RSuite 3.0 includes the ability to integrate WebDAV-enabled editors such as oXygen, Arbortext and Serna from Syntext.

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