• March 2, 2005
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More from XML

IxiaSoft has introduced TEXTML Server 3.5, which builds upon its native XML storage and information retrieval technology. This latest version also introduces new features designed to help OEM partners develop enterprise-scale content management solutions quickly and efficiently.

The company says significant new features include:

Rich XML conversion. Available with TEXTML Server 3.5 and above, TEXTML Universal Converter enables the conversion of more than 220 data types to XML. The converter transforms unstructured data into an XML schema in the form of the SearchML standard, enabling users to take full advantage of TEXTML Server's search capabilities.

Native .Net API. In addition to the COM, JAVA, WebDAV and OLEDB APIs already available, developers will now have access to a native .Net API.

Full XPath support. With enhanced XPath support, the indexing engine allows developers to populate indexes and to engage in complex conditional indexing, resulting in applications with improved functionality and performance.

Enhanced manipulation of documents. Developers can move and copy sets of documents from one folder to another while maintaining the complete history/versions and properties of all documents.

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