• December 20, 2011
  • News

Metalogix debuts Migration Manager for SharePoint V. 5.0

Metalogix announces Version 5.0 Migration Manager for SharePoint, which includes performance enhancements designed to significantly boost migration speeds while ensuring high-fidelity movement and integrity of SharePoint environments, says the company.

Metalogix explains that Version 5.0 permits migration tasks to be split over multiple operations simultaneously, resulting in dramatically accelerated migration speeds and improved performance. Further, Metalogix adds, its earlier-announced upgrades to Metalogix StoragePoint and its Binary Large Objects (BLOB) offloading allows high-fidelity migrations to move more than 125GB per hour. This latest interation also offers improved incremental copy intelligence to skip over settings and content not requiring migration, a capability said to be especially valuable in SharePoint environments with multiple layers of sub-sites.

Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint V. 5.0 includes full support for Nintex Workflow.

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