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Mendix delivers enterprise-wide intelligent automation with Mendix Workflow

Mendix, a Siemens business and leader in modern enterprise application development, is releasing Mendix Workflow for process automation for global enterprises building end-to-end digital solutions on the low-code platform.

Workflow’s public rollout features enhanced architecture and new capabilities fine-tuned during extensive beta testing, according to the vendor.

Available in both Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro developer environments, Workflow enables greater collaboration between business experts and IT professionals to design, build, and optimize business processes with enterprise-wide automation.

Using the visual modeling language of the Mendix low-code platform, Workflow seamlessly integrates user-centric and system tasks, data, and third-party services to digitize processes across the enterprise’s application landscape.

In addition, Workflow Commons, a module available from the Mendix Marketplace, provides customizable, ready-to-use templates, pages, dashboards, and smart services to kick-start intelligent automation across the enterprise.

“Mendix has implemented Workflow as a core capability within the platform,” said Hans de Visser, vice president, product management, R&D at Mendix. “It’s not a bolted-on feature for point solutions like robotic process automation or business process management software, but an integrated, native capability. Workflow Editor offers enterprisewide visibility and notifications on automated processes throughout the organization, storing execution data in a standard, accessible format. And it frees developers from reinventing the wheel by reusing defined processes and core business data, leveraging the same process-driven governance, control, and oversight that infuses every solution developed on the Mendix enterprise low-code platform.”

As an integrated, core capability in the Mendix platform, Mendix Workflow empowers citizen developers to collaborate and build applications, implementing business processes as they evolve and change.  

The new Workflow Commons module offers common design patterns  to make it fast and easy to add powerful workflow capabilities, including preconfigured templates to create a “task inbox” and other easily implemented pages to define custom workflow actions; dashboards for end user and KPI monitoring; plus snippets and connectors to integrate data with automated processes.

Additional automated services that enable fast iteration, are downloadable now from the Mendix Marketplace. They include specialized document processing, translation across languages, speech-to-text conversion, sentiment text analysis, and plug-and-play OCR.

For more information about this release, visit www.mendix.com.

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