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MapR taps LucidWorks for Hadoop

MapR Technologies has announced distribution of LucidWorks Search with the MapR Platform for Apache Hadoop. MapR says the move allows customers to perform predictive analytics, full search and discovery, as well as conduct advanced database operations, on a single platform. The MapR/LucidWorks enterprise-class search capability works directly on Hadoop data but can also index and search standard files without having to perform any conversion or transformation.

MapR has also unveiled a new edition of M7, a big data platform that provides ease of use, dependability and performance advantages for NoSQL and Hadoop applications. The company says M7 has been architected to deliver reliability and performance without requiring compactions or background consistency checks to work smoothly. Further, says the company, it delivers over 1 million operations/sec with a 10-node cluster and support for up to 1 trillion tables across thousands of nodes. M7 also provides instant recovery from failures, ensuring 99.999% availability for HBase and Hadoop applications, claims MapR.

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