• January 25, 2017
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Lucidworks Launches Fusion 3

Lucidworks, a provider of enterprise search solutions, has announced Fusion 3, the latest release of its application development platform for building and deploying intelligent search applications.

According to Lucidworks, Fusion 3 provides out-of-the-box capabilities for teams seeking to build enterprise-level search applications. With greater operational simplicity, IT personnel can shorten the development cycle, while a streamlined guided setup feature also makes Fusion 3 accessible to non-technical teams.

With the latest updates, the company says,teams are now able to run simulations with sample datasets— or input proprietary data — to experiment with different data sources and see hypothetical results.

In addition, a Query Workbench lets teams adjust relevancy of signals and input different parameters to find the optimal setting before building more permanent applications. Lucidworks has also enhanced Fusion's connectors to integrate data using more powerful parsers for higher relevancy.

Additional features of the new release include new streamlined setup, allowing a developer can go from dataset to working search-ready app more rapidly; an Index Workbench lets teams to allow teams to easily manage and organize ETL (extract/load/transform) processes; the ability to export, import, and share the heart of a Fusion app or configuration; a graphical admin that enables a UI framework for rapid prototyping of an organization's search app; and full SQL compatibility to enable users to query an index with familiar SQL commands.

For more information about Lucidworks Fusion, go to http://lucidworks.com.

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