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Lucidworks Acquires Twigkit to Improve Enterprise Search

Lucidworks, a provider of enterprise search solutions, is acquiring Twigkit, a software company specializing in user experiences for enterprise-grade search and big data applications.

Lucidworks says the acquisition is in line with its mission to deliver purpose-built user-driven data applications that give end users a single access point to aggregated search results.

Lucidworks provides search tools to help access data from multiple sources. Twigkit takes mined data and delivers it in user-driven applications with a 360-degree view of an organization at any time, on any device.

While Lucidworks has solved the first mile of making all data accessible to all users, Twigkit goes the final mile for the industry, bridging the gap from data access to application, according to Will Hayes CEO of Lucidworks. 

Twigkit was founded by CEO Stefan Olafsson, and CTO Dr. Bjarki Holm in 2009. The company has built a global customer base that includes HSBC, General Electric, Amgen, Northrop Grumman, Toyota, and FDA. Olafsson and Holm will continue to drive the enterprise search space, with Olafsson joining as Lucidworks' new chief strategy officer and Holm as VP of solutions.

For more information on Lucidworks, visit the website.

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