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  • January 13, 2010
  • News

LucidWorks ups the ante for Apache Solr

Lucid Imagination introduces two powerful new features for Apache Solr, which are available free of charge.

They include a comprehensive, well-organized Reference Guide documenting all of Solr’s important features and functions in a convenient e-book (pdf) format and a robust new installer. Featuring a well defined, easy-to-use setup wizard, the installer is said to make life easier for new and experienced Solr application developers alike.

For new users, the installer minimizes the complexities and reduces the time often associated with configuration and deployment of a Web service. The out-of-box experience of installing Solr becomes as simple as a few clicks of the "Next" button, also saving you any hassle of managing and installing source code. Support is built in for configuring either Tomcat and Jetty as the Solr platform, fully installed and configured just by checking a box.

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