• April 19, 2021
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Kaseya supports remote work with abundance of updates

Kaseya, a provider of IT and security management solutions, is offering several new product enhancements and workflow integrations to strengthen the Kaseya IT Complete platform.

"From cybersecurity concerns to compliance guidelines, MSPs and SMBs are facing a growing set of complex challenges,” said Mike Puglia, chief strategy officer, Kaseya. “With budgets stretched and demands on their time increasing, organizations need technologies that are complete, automated and priced right to better allocate their limited resources and address the rapidly evolving IT environment. The newest features and integrations in our IT Complete platform include enhancements that make it even easier to eliminate the valuable time IT professionals waste moving between disparate applications and manual processes.”

VSA 9.5.4 features a growing list of capabilities tied to Kaseya’s Unified RMM strategy, which holistically tackles the ever-growing ecosystem of connected devices such as Virtual Machine Network Discovery.

Virtual Machine Network Discovery automates the discovery and mapping all VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V hosts and virtual machines, giving users greater visibility through an expanded network topology map of the entire IT environment. With this greater visibility, users can detect and remediate potential issues more effectively.

VSA 9.5.4 expands Live Connect functionality for Linux, allowing users to remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues on Linux devices to maintain a high level of system availability. This update allows users to view real-time information on Linux devices from a single dashboard, increasing efficiency and allowing for more streamlined management of all devices in the IT environment.

The newest addition to Unitrends’ Recovery Series appliances, Gen 9 MAX delivers supercharged computing power for on-site recovery and application hosting. Gen 9 MAX appliances are available through a subscription-based model that allows organizations to protect their data with minimal up-front costs.

Network Glue discovery and documentation of Active Directory Security Groups enables technicians to check Active Directory (AD) user permissions directly in IT Glue without having to navigate to their AD server.

Users can now share documents in the MyGlue Help Center with select MyGlue accounts, allowing MSPs to provide common process documents to their clients.

The latest Archive feature allows users in IT Glue and MyGlue to section off documentation that is no longer needed but should not be deleted within Configurations, Passwords, Documents and Flexible Assets.

The Password Access Workflow feature in IT Glue and GlueConnect provides users with instant notifications each time a sensitive password is accessed or copied.

Kaseya Compliance Manager for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) automates the rigorous cybersecurity assessment and documentation process outlined by the Department of Defense, and is now available for the 130 controls that make up Level 3. This addition provides MSPs the ability to help SMBs navigate Levels 1 through 3 of CMMC as well as the NIST 800-171 interim rule.

BullPhish ID users now can create customized emails and training kits for simulations that mimic industry-specific phishing attacks. Additionally, a new portal for end-users allows individuals to track the trainings they have completed.

Graphus has enhanced its capabilities to include the detection of internal email attacks originating from and targeting users within an organization. The enhancement, which will alert users when there is an abnormality detected in the trusted profile of the internal sender, provides an even greater level of protection from business email compromise.

For more information about these updates, visit www.kaseya.com.

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