• August 11, 2008
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KM in context

With the introduction of Version 3.1 of its namesake software, Contextware has significantly enhanced its offering, which is designed to improve employee performance and productivity. Contextware V. 3.1 helps businesses capture and communicate rich detail on how to perform any business process, procedure or task by providing a workbench or toolkit to users that supports knowledge management, process improvement and performance-based learning initiatives.

Contextware reports that key elements of this release include new collaborative features for authors and users, streamlined pure-Web business process authoring capabilities, new user-configurable reporting capabilities and improved user productivity as a result of incorporating significant Web 2.0 Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) components.

Improved Performance and Scalability: Incorporation of AJAX components throughout the user (retrieval) and authoring interfaces builds on an already rapid information and content delivery environment. Users seeking to use Contextware to support customer service or those who have an on-demand need for performance support information benefit significantly from these changes. Authors of system content will enjoy significant speed gains as they codify the step-by-step information around the way employees, partners and customers should interact with their business.

Process Improvement and Collaboration: Contextware’s new capability can instantly clone processes and then re-engineer them based on user interaction with the system and direct feedback, enabling rapid deployment of knowledge and information rich activities, as well as encouraging their refinement and continued improvement.

Process and Procedural Templates: Developed from industry standards and best practices, Version 3.1 makes available a discrete number of templates including processes and associated job aids and information. These templates are part of a growing library and intended as starting points for kick-starting implementations and can be configured and extended to address the distinct requirements of clients’ enterprises.

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