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  • November 25, 2013
  • News

Integrating data analysis with data discovery and design

Datawatch has released Datawatch Desktop, which the company describes as a rebranded and enhanced version of its flagship software that fully integrates the data access and modeling capabilities of Datawatch’s legacy Monarch Professional software with the newly acquired capabilities of Panopticon’s Designer visual data discovery solution.

The integration of the products is in line with Datawatch’s focus on delivering high-impact visual data discovery capabilities against any variety of data regardless of its source or structure, including data that is delivered at real-time speeds, such as message buses, complex event processing engines, tick database and other real-time sources, Datawatch reports. Among other enhancements, the new version is said to enhance data throughput speed by more than 15 times and offers a simpler user interface and support for more data connections and platforms.

Datawatch Desktop is comprised of a two-module suite: Modeler and Designer. Modeler empowers users to visually model and extract analytical assets from structured or less-than-structured sources such as PDFs, reports and EDI streams, allowing them to then use this data in a self-service manner on the desktop or move it to the Datawatch Server for broader analytical purposes. This release of Modeler includes a redesigned UI, support for streaming exports of unlimited size, a Custom Connector Framework to facilitate partners’ adding new input sources and output targets, as well as a new parallel processing core engine said to significantly improve both performance and data capacity levels, enabling users to conduct more complex analyses on larger big data sets. This module, formerly known as Datawatch Monarch Professional, offers only a subset of the capabilities of the complete Datawatch Desktop solution.

Datawatch Desktop’s Designer module allows organizations to develop what the company calls “pixel-perfect” visualizations against any data source supported by the former Panopticon Designer product. It further offers the ability to design and develop models to visualize less-than-structured data from sources supported by the former Datawatch Monarch Professional product.

Datawatch Desktop can be used to design and develop models for individual use or for deployment in the Datawatch Server environment.

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