• March 24, 2020
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Intact grants access to Microsoft Cloud Services for remote work

Intact, a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (‘CSP’) authorized Azure government and corporate direct reseller, is releasing its ReAccess and PowerLine cloud services for government and corporate enterprises.

“COVID-19 is a unique global moment, forcing many systems and supply chains to re-evaluate how they do business. Businesses are looking for solutions to allow them to continue to operate their business and serve their customers,” said J. Larry Aultman, CEO of Intact. “This is an inflection point in many ways. Technological solutions that are now on the rise will allow telecommuting to become the norm, even in agencies and businesses that previously thought it impossible. Intact is pleased to lead the way to a truly secure remote office with our ReAccess and PowerLine solutions, which will prioritize essential workforces.”

Intact’s solutions simplify application migration to Microsoft Azure cloud services and support the emerging, unprecedented demand for sustainable, stable, and secure work-at-home solutions.

ReAccess is a Microsoft Windows 10 application, catalog-listed and certified for deployment via Microsoft Azure AppSource and Microsoft Windows Store.

ReAccess enables the recreation of existing database applications, as a fully compliant Cosmos DB application in Microsoft Azure, in as little as two hours (no-code).

ReAccess is an edge computing application that runs securely and directly on the user’s authenticated device. While working at home, users can access their ReAccess applications in the cloud.

Connectivity to the cloud is handled automatically by ReAccess allowing end users to work offline. ReAccess reduces strain on bandwidth, alleviates VPN requirements, and ensures compliance with security and policies.

PowerLine is an enterprise grade cloud service managing automated Microsoft Azure cloud application delivery.

PowerLine enables rapid and cost-effective application design and delivery for database, storage, compute, security and network services.

PowerLine is always on and available to use without configuration, ensuring data is always secured with encryption at rest.

Windows 7 operating system reached its end-of-extended-support on January 14, 2020. As a result, support ended for earlier versions of Microsoft Access and other database application software (e.g. VB6, FoxPro and D-base).

Legacy applications like Microsoft Access are unstable in Windows 10.  ReAccess with PowerLine cloud services solves the legacy application issues. 

ReAccess business applications provide reliable, user-friendly, and secure work-at-home solutions.

For more information about this news, visit www.itintact.com.

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