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  • September 27, 2010
  • News

In praise of information exploitation

 Vivisimo has released the newest version of its Velocity platform, which, the company says, introduces features designed to drive quantifiable revenue increases and productivity savings.

Although the new features were inspired by the trending adoption of Velocity as a sales enablement and customer service application, Velocity 8.0 carries with it new technologies applicable to all types of enterprises, both private and government.

The company explains that a key new component of Velocity 8.0 is IO Pro, which introduces new controls for business users, content owners and knowledge workers to optimize the way content is discovered by and presented to users. Business users can use IO Pro to promote and highlight the most relevant content, best bets and other important information to users. Content owners can configure relevant acronyms, synonyms and related terms to be displayed upon the context of the original inquiry, helping increase recall. With IO Pro, Velocity 8.0 greatly reduces the need for IT resource consumption by granting greater control over information delivery to those individuals closest and most knowledgeable about the needs of users, according to Vivisimo.

Recognizing organizations’ need for a single point of access, Vivisimo reports augmenting the value of SharePoint by integrating Velocity’s proprietary contextual information and organization features directly in the SharePoint interface. Velocity 8.0 allows users to navigate through all of their information assets such as e-mail, archives, file shares, CRM data and more directly in the SharePoint interface, driving a single point of access to all information.

Vivisimo says many information access solutions frequently waste 90 percent of the processing power on a single machine because they cannot leverage multiple cores. Instead of wasting that 90 percent of processing power, Velocity 8.0 can use all of that processing power and return results as much as 10 times faster, thus allowing more complex discovery tasks to be performed for the user in less time, utilizing overall fewer resources.

Further, says the company, as users form a query, they are automatically recommended related terms based on what is typed. Within a secure enterprise, users are only shown terms that are in content that they are authorized to view.

Additionally, the desktop search update enhances and improves the overall quality of Velocity's federated search connector to the Windows Desktop Search (WDS) application, including support for Windows 7.

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