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  • December 9, 2011
  • News

ISYS revs up search with Enterprise V. 10

ISYS Search Software has launched Version 10.0 of its Enterprise product, which is said to be up to four times faster than previous versions.

In addition to its 1-Click FileFinder indexing, analytics and search technology, ISYS highlights the following features:

  • ResearchAccelerator—a customizable interface that lets business users search and refine the results the way they want while making the information easily available and actionable for others;
  • InformationMap—a visual navigation tool that lets business users see and explore the links between pieces of information;
  • Timeline refinement bar—allows large results sets to be easily navigable and ensures users know they’re getting to the most accurate and recent versions of documents;
  • Multi-core indexing—improves indexing speed and robustness;
  • high-definition results—users can view common document formats the way they were intended;
  • native 32-bit and 64-bit server versions—allowing an organization to make use of the version most appropriate for its existing hardware; and
  • document type extension—simplifies searching and finding business information across 400+ document, file and e-mail types.

A free business trial is available.

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