• November 17, 2008
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ISYS releases ISYS:web 9

ISYS Search Software has launched ISYS:web 9, the company’s enterprise search solution for intranets, Web sites, Microsoft SharePoint and custom Web applications.

ISYS:web 9 includes enhancements designed to deliver the speed, efficiency and accuracy required to find information fast. Further, says ISYS, its Intelligent Content Analysis feature identifies key characteristics about a content collection, such as metadata patterns and entities, and leverages these facets in the interface to provide a more fluid search and discovery process.

Intelligent Content Analysis manifests itself in the form of several parametric search and refinement options, says the company. At index time, ISYS notes aspects like entities in the full text (e.g., names, locations); commonly recurring metadata values in semi-structured and database formats; location of files; dates and numbers; and position of words. These characteristics are then exploited, either as a front-end interface for parametric search or as refinement options within search results.

ISYS:web 9’s capabilities also include:

Intelligent Query Expansion--gives users greater context and avenues to pursue, offers suggestions based on a query and the document (for example, a search for "SharePoint" might suggest "SharePoint search Web part");

ContextCogs--snippets of relevant and contextual information pulled from third-party sources and displayed alongside standard ISYS results;

Intelligence Clouds--enable rapid navigation of key information;

Improved Performance and Scalability--ability to handle most search requests concurrently with a higher throughput;

Search Form Customization--offers both automatic and designable search forms;

Index Biasing--expands ISYS:web’s tuning capabilities, provides administrators with the ability to adjust the weighting on entire collections of documents. That enables an organization to further tune relevance to suit specific use case scenarios.De-duplication--automatically identifies identical documents and either removes them from the results or visually marks them;

ISYS:web Federator
--allows customers to federate their searches across both ISYS and non-ISYS content sources. Exchange Indexing--enables administrators to centrally create and manage individual indexes for each user’s e-mail account.

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