• August 19, 2002
  • News

Finely tuned V6

Vignette reports it has significantly enhanced the analysis and reporting capabilities of its content management offering, V6. Vignette is said to be the only content management vendor providing these capabilities as a core part of its products.

The company says its customers are now able to use detailed reports on content activity by provider, channel, site and content type, thus enabling them to gauge with greater accuracy the effectiveness of content presented to customers, partners, suppliers and employees, as well as across multiple Web sites and portals.

Vignette says V6 goes beyond clickstream analysis by providing additional data to help customers gain insight into user activity at the site, page and content levels, including content affinities and marketing campaign comparisons.

The new enhancements to Vignette V6's analysis and reporting capabilities employ a standards-based architecture that supports Java, XML and SOAP. Vignette claims this architecture provides additional benefits, including easier configuration and customization, native integration with third-party analysis and ad hoc reporting tools, and a more unified view of site visitor interests and behavior across a family of Web sites and portals.

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