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  • February 6, 2014
  • News

Exterro debuts Fusion Employee Monitor

Exterro has introduced a new application designed to mitigate the risk of corporate data spoliation caused by employment changes. The company says Fusion Employee Monitor detects employee status changes to ensure that critical information tied to business activities, legal matters or regulatory compliance is adequately protected.

Exterro says that according to the Society of Human Resources Management, the average annual employee separation rate is 13 percent to 15 percent. Large enterprises can easily experience 30 or more actionable employee status changes each week, creating substantial spoliation risk as computers are recycled, e-mail accounts deleted, file shares purged and paper files destroyed. The company says its new offering automates this process by detecting, correcting and tracking changes, with built-in audit trails for demonstrating compliance with legal or regulatory obligations.

Fusion Employee Monitor interoperates with corporate HR and IT systems to detect employee status changes, such as terminations, retirements, leaves of absence and transfers, says Exterro. It adds that the system automatically applies user-defined actions, which can include alerting stakeholders or assigning tasks that direct them to take corrective action to ensure all impacted electronically stored information is protected.

Fusion Employee Monitor works in tandem with Exterro’s Fusion Legal Hold application and as a standalone product.

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