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  • February 25, 2013
  • News

Extending unified information access with Sinequa 8.5

Sinequa has launched Version 8.5 of its enterprise search/unified information access solution. Sinequa ES offers a wide variety of new capabilities, including content analytics, integration of additional content sources, mobility and geo-localization. Sinequa ES 8.5 also offers more powerful tools to create, package and deploy search-based applications.

Sinequa highlights the following features in Version 8.5:

Additional connectors--Twenty new connectors are delivered with Sinequa ES 8.5, including SharePoint Online (Office 365), SharePoint 2013 (Beta), Blue Kiwi (new version 2012), Salesforce Chatter, Jive, Newsgator Social Sites, Google docs/Google drive, Google mail, SAP Netweaver, IBM FileNet 5.1. Further, 20 existing connectors have been updated to take into account new versions of application software. In total, Sinequa ES 8.5 now offers 120 connectors at no additional cost.

SharePoint integration--Sinequa ES 8.5 can be installed as the "native" search engine in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013, presenting the familiar interface to users while extending search to sources outside SharePoint.

Content analytics and dashboards--Sinequa ES 8.5 allows customers to create graphical dashboards that display statistics, trends and simple dashboards.

Relevance transformation--The relevance of search terms can be influenced by applying formulae based on business rules of the user organization. These calculations transform the "natural relevance" obtained by semantic analysis and provide search results that take the business environment of the user into account.

Federated search--Pursuing the goal to provide unified access to ever more sources of data and information, Sinequa federates the work of other search engines. It is now possible to integrate search results from most search engines within the user interface of Sinequa ES 8.5, including results from Web search engines, professional databases or complex application engines.

Languages--Language detection has been extended from 18 to more than 150 languages. Geo-location--Sinequa ES 8.5 can take into account a geographic location at query time and, for example, restrict search to a certain perimeter around a location and rank the results according to the distance to this location.

Search scope--The user can limit the search perimeter, for example to personal selection of websites or intranets, e-mails, social networks or business data sources such as those of the HR department.

Secure auto-completion based on context--Sinequa auto-completion has taken into account access control rules and has provided structured sets of proposals for some time. In Sinequa 8.5, auto-completion also takes into account the search scope defined by a user as well as the user's role.

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