• January 30, 2008
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Expressly documents

Adlib Software has announced Express Server 4.0, a suite of applications it believes are more tightly aligned with how people want and need to use the company's applications.

Adlib reports that with the release of Express Server 4.0, it is introducing Adlib ExpressConversion Server, an application suite that handles virtually any document conversion from more than 300 different file types to file standards such as PDF, PDF/A, XPS, HTML, Word and many more. Adlib ExpressRecognition Server is server-based OCR software designed to turn large volumes of images, including scanned images, faxes and image-only PDFs, into searchable PDF documents.

Adlib ExpressPublishing Server systematically adds publishing functionality to document workflows, eliminating manual processes. It adds stamps such as HTML overlays, headers, footers, page numbers and watermarks. Further, the company says, it builds intelligent tables of content with hyperlink and bookmark management and performs document assembly through automated document merging and splitting, making it especially well suited for complex document rendering, including life sciences submission publishing.

Adlib ExpressEnterprise Server is being offered as the culmination of all of the other server products, which will prove to be attractive to companies that need a wide variety of document transformation functionality as part of an integrated package.

Adlib Software will be grandfathering all Pre-Express 4.0 customers with valid maintenance contracts to the newest version without any increase in price.

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