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  • July 23, 2020
  • News

Evisort enables new automation capabilities in Evisort Contract Workflow

Evisort, an AI-powered contract-management company, is releasing Evisort Contract Workflow, a new module for the Evisort platform that automates the entire contract drafting, approval, and negotiation process.

“Contracts are the lifeblood of any company,” said Jerry Ting, Evisort CEO. “In times like these, you have to be able to sign deals fast, get the terms right, and understand what’s in the contracts you’ve already signed. Evisort provides the visibility businesses need to identify the opportunities and risks in their contracts—and act on them.”

The module provides a single unified platform for collaborating, communicating, reviewing, and approving contracts, so nothing gets skipped and nothing gets lost.

Businesses can now quickly submit time-sensitive documents to their legal, contract, IT, sales, and procurement teams while maintaining 100% visibility into approvals, automatically routing contracts to the proper stakeholders and tracking their input.

Key features of Evisort Contract Workflow include:

  • Automatic contract creation: Instantly create new contracts from legal-approved templates
  • Risk identification and recommendations: Identify risks automatically; Evisort’s AI flags problematic passages and suggests amendments based on preset standards (premium module, initially available for enterprises)
  • Contract management dashboard: Assign approvers based on different conditions and terms and review all contracts pending signature at a glance
  • In-platform collaboration and communication tools: Automatically track redlining and approval workflows and collaborate with your counterparties, all on one centralized platform to keep all departments on the same page
  • E-signature support: Sign right from Evisort, no need to download and move documents to a different platform
  • Seamless integration with Evisort Contract Management: Automatically transition completed documents to Evisort contract management to track obligations, analyze performance and quickly find contracts as needed.

With the launch of Evisort Contract Workflow, the Evisort platform automates the entire lifecycle of a contract, from the initial request to drafting, review, signing, storage, discovery and renegotiation.

Evisort Contract Workflow works hand-in-glove with Evisort’s core AI product, Evisort Contract Management, which is trained on over 10 million real-world documents to identify over 230 common types of contract and over 50 key clauses, dates and types of metadata, regardless of format, out of the box—no training required.

Legal staff can quickly build templates and workflows in Evisort Contract Workflow by searching for relevant clauses in existing contracts using Evisort Contract Management.

For more information about this release, visit www.evisort.com.

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