• March 27, 2015
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Enterprise Q&A from Haydle

Haydle has enhanced its Enterprise Q&A solution for large organizations. The software has been engineered to quickly capture and surface the estimated 80% of undocumented knowledge that exists within a company, and Haydle says it harnesses the distributed expertise of employees across different departments, age groups and geographic regions.

Haydle explains its solution supplements corporate e-mail and collaboration software with a layer of real-time human response triggered by simply asking a question. Haydle uses crowdsourcing to both collect answers and gauge the accuracy and value of employee responses. The result is a steadily growing storehouse of company knowledge based on peer consensus, says the company.

Haydle adds Enterprise Q&A takes a different approach from social enterprise tools. The company believes that although social networking solutions make real-time information exchange possible, they aren't seamlessly integrated into common workflows and can fail to keep a searchable record of information for the future. The company says information in Haydle can do both.

Haydle explains its platform brings structure to collaboration in two significant ways. First, it focuses information sharing on business-specific topics. Second, it now offers a “Teams” feature that allows companies to align groups of people with specific areas of expertise. Teams are automatically sent questions relevant to their expertise. By managing participation, the Teams feature drives platform adoption and builds value quickly for people seeking expert information. Answers are stored and indexed for future access.

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