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  • June 24, 2014
  • News

Easing data migration

Cambridge Semantics has unveiled Anzo Smart Data Integration (ASDI) software to help enterprises rapidly understand and integrate information assets. The company reports ASDI is designed to reduce integration timeframes and costs by a factor of 10 and enhance time-to-revenue when on-boarding new customers, partners and data.

The company explains that ASDI uses common, conceptual business models to automate traditional data integration tasks, eliminating the need for hand-coding and direct data exchanges between teams. By automating the process of creating extract, transform and load (ETL) jobs that run on popular ETL engines, enterprises are assured that their data integration projects are completed with a high level of quality and accuracy, claims Cambridge Semantics.

ASDI enables business analysts to map source and target systems to the common, conceptual model via a familiar spreadsheet interface. Systems are only mapped once, rather than once per project. ASDI then automatically generates extract, transform and load jobs that run on such ETL engines as Informatica or Pentaho. Additionally, business analysts can control the setup, design and configuration of the ETL jobs as well as track data lineage and view dashboards showing project, data source, schema, model and governance information. ASDI also improves redundancy by allowing enterprises to use multiple ETL vendors, Cambridge Semantic reports.

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