• June 12, 2006
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Easier expertise

Exsys reports it has significantly enhanced Corvid, its expert systems software development tool. The company explains that Corvid provides an intuitive development environment allowing domain experts to easily "describe" their decision-making steps in a logical manner, much as they would to another person. The rules are created in English and algebra and are easy to read, understand, edit and maintain, Exsys claims. Exsys adds that tree-structured logic diagrams can be used to describe individual sections of the process. Corvid supports both data-driven forward chaining and goal-driven backward chaining, allowing the problem to be broken into small discrete parts and facilitating faster structured development.

New features in Corvid Version 3.3 include:

  • support for system development and delivery in multiple languages;

  • a user interface with a new image map and email capabilities;

  • systems that can automatically modify themselves by obtaining data on the properties of the client browser such as operating system type and version, language settings and Java version;

  • Expanded system security options; and

  • new system user screen design capabilities that can match the look and feel of existing Web sites.

Corvid integrates with corporate databases, external programs, CRM tools, contact centers, Web sites, e-mail and other IT infrastructures. Templates and screen commands can be used to design the system user interface, or Web editors can be used to match the look and feel of existing sites. Corvid systems can be delivered on the Web and intranets via portable Exsys Java Runtime programs or be distributed as standalone applications.

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