• August 7, 2002
  • News

E-mail smartens up

SER has introduced the newest version of its e-mail response and management software. SERiMail 2.0 reportedly interprets the meaning of incoming e-mails by incorporating the company’s neural networking technology, SERbrainware.

Version 2.0 is said to understand the content and context of incoming messages, not just key words or phrases. The application also responds accurately to e-mails containing misspelled and even foreign words. By automating e-mail responses, the company says, 2.0 is able to reduce the cost of manual responses while increasing customer service and response personalization.

Other enhancements include:

Routing to subject matter experts. SERiMail 2.0 is reported to appropriately route unique e-mails, requiring responses not found within the knowledgebase, to designated subject matter experts.

A learning mechanism. SER says the software sorts new inbound e-mails into appropriate subject classes based on content and context, building its own knowledge base of consistent and quality responses. As more e-mail becomes part of the process, the more comprehensive and exact the knowledgebase becomes. The learning mechanism is also said to eliminate extensive rules programming and scripting because new categories can be easily included.

Intelligent reporting and monitoring. The new capabilities allows the management of any call center or customer service center to monitor the pulse of its customers, requests and complaints, as well as product feedback. The application also identifies customer details and allows management to further refine its overall customer response strategy.

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