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  • March 29, 2010
  • News

Digital Reef releases ECA application

Digital Reef has unveiled a new early case assessment (ECA) application with indexing and analysis speeds of more than 10 terabytes per day. Introduced with the Digital Reef Virtual Governance Warehouse 3.0, the new e-discovery application indexes and analyzes full content across e-mails, documents, repositories and more than 400 file types using industry standard servers and storage. With the Virtual Governance Warehouse, organizations can simultaneously support additional information governance projects driven by legal and regulatory mandates and internal IT policies, says the company.

Digital Reef ECA’s application features include:

federated search—search an unlimited number of storage and content repositories in a single query;

content reporting—make decisions based on economics of the potential data volumes and document types;

search builder—intelligent and automated search to easily find relevant information;

customizable de-duplication strategy—reduces review time and costs using de-duplication strategy specific to a case;

customizable data view—easily organize sets of documents into batches, collections or views within duplicating data;

search results reporting—immediately test the responsiveness of keywords and queries, including both hit counts and unique counts;

custodian analytics—racks custodian identities, documents and conversations automatically and provides instant data population visible and review state of all custodian documents;

batching—analyze and tag content in a private space without the need to copy files or re-import;

connector management—configure, secure and monitor connectivity between the Virtual Governance Warehouse and content storage systems;

data area management—allows IT to define, manage and secure into content storage systems;

index sharing—eliminates the need to index large volumes of documents multiple times;

Documentum connector—discover, analyze and govern content across systems, including Documentum;

export to relational databases—generate SQL-ready schema for joining virtual governance warehouse with structured business intelligence information;

LDAP and Active Directory integration—integrates with existing user and group management infrastructure, simplifying application management; and

policy-based access control—enables IT and application administrators to define rich security policies for all system and application level resources.

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