DITA's what I'm talking about

XyEnterprise has announced Version 1.5 of its Contenta DITA content management software solution. The new version includes BranchMerge, which allows content developers to create branched versions of content for editing and publishing while maintaining links to the content’s origin.

The company claims DITA Version 1.5 brings a new level of control to the increasing volume of content associated with developing and deploying complex products and services in a global economy. With the addition of BranchMerge, users can manage related versions or branches of content as they are changed during the content authoring, editing and translation process. Further, says XyEnterprise, BranchMerge offers powerful control over concurrent content development cycles supporting more informed decisions for managing digital assets, such as text, images, video and sound files.

Also new is an updated DITA Upload tool, which integrates with desktop applications and file structures, providing intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. The upload tool works with DITA maps, topics and any specialized objects. It also flags missing files and provides the capability to resolve incomplete references so that documentation is always delivered completely and accurately for every release.

Other enhancements in Contenta DITA V. 1.5 include a Validate References tool, which verifies the status of any object reference. The tool can chase references recursively, eliminating the need for a manual reference check. There is also greater control over the level of validation so a user sees only those topics that need to be checked, and can check where a particular piece of content is being used from the same interface. This new feature provides a window into the overall content, so the impact of any change can be determined before the change is actually made.

Contenta DITA 1.5 conforms to the current OASIS DITA 1.1 standard for creating standard information types and domain-specific markup vocabularies, providing advanced control over product and service documentation for virtually any industry.

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