• February 27, 2014
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Contract analysis and management from Seal Software

Seal Software has released Contract Analytics, the next generation of its Contract Discovery and Analytics suite.

The company says its Contract Analytics solution is the only self-service contract abstraction and analysis solution currently available designed to provide an expanded level of visibility into contracts and their clauses using real-time queries that can be performed in minutes rather than hours or days when undertaken manually.

Used in conjunction with Seal Contract Discovery, the platform allows customers to select and/or customize search parameters or policies for search and extraction based on several levels, covering entire documents, paragraphs, as well as specific clauses or clause combinations within a contract.

Seal Contract Analytics is fully scalable with the ability to continually learn and create reusable content, improving accuracy and relevancy as it relates to an organization’s specific needs, says the company, giving organizations complete control of their contract ecosystem.

According to Seal Software, the solution allows companies to:

  • ensure consistency across the organization for contractual terms and clauses;
  • develop a functional clause library to streamline future contract creation;
  • decrease the time needed to identify problems and increase the time available for action;
  • control analysis of specific text, language and clause combinations;
  • identify non-standard clauses;
  • receive early warnings on known contractual issues;
  • ensure the best overall terms are applied to all contracts regardless of origin; and
  • gain insight into divergences from approved contract templates.

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