• October 20, 2015
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Context marketing at scale from Sitecore

Sitecore has introduced Experience Platform (XP) 8.1, the newest generation of its flagship product, which it says enables marketers to turn every customer interaction into an extraordinary experience by offering customers relevant content in the appropriate context at the right time.

The company reports Sitecore XP 8.1 helps businesses analyze key customer attributes, such as location and device, in real time and integrates that with purchase history, demographic data, behavioral trends and activity across touchpoints. With a single central platform, Sitecore claims, XP 8.1 provides organizations with a 360-degree view of every customer, allowing brands to build deeper and longer-term relationships with those customers.

Sitecore highlights the following key benefits of XP 8.1:

  • improved personalization—marketers can now collect and analyze data in real time based on customer location, device and behavior, helping shape personalized customer experiences at scale, permitting them to personalize every customer’s experience in real time and automate activities across touchpoints to increase conversion, customer satisfaction and lifetime value;
  • mobile integration—with baked-in device detection, XP 8.1 offers analytics, device adaptation and personalization as well as real-time personalization based on historical behaviors;
  • context marketing capabilities—marketers can offer customers unique, personalized experiences in the right context to ultimately build customers for life;
  • unified IT and marketing—the platform integrates seamlessly with existing technology, scaling to meet growing business needs and help IT and marketing teams overcome operational complexity;
  • one connected platform—delivers a fluid multichannel experience to strategically engage with customers across their entire journey;
  • fully connected Commerce and Experience—Sitecore Commerce is fully integrated with Sitecore XP to facilitate ease of deployment and use, including the availability of commerce-specific interactions in the Sitecore Experience Profile, the ability to edit merchandise in bulk, ease of installation and configuration and the option to deploy in Microsoft Azure;
  • flexible pricing and packaging—enables customers to adopt the right package most closely aligned to their current or planned digital maturity and their preferred software deployment route; and
  • variety of deployment options—extended hosted service offerings to reduce the complexity and investment barriers that smaller organizations face in deploying and managing infrastructure to run their Sitecore sites.

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