• September 9, 2002
  • News

Clearer financial reporting

Saying it’s responding to meeting the needs of new government mandates, MicroStrategy has released V 7.2.1 of its 7i platform.

The company reports the software provides the financial transparency needed to meet the requirements of new SEC rules and the new federal Sabarnes-Oxley statute, adding that it includes new financial report presentation and analytical features that support:

  • delivery of GAAP-compliant reports that can replace those typically produced manually by finance or accounting;

  • delivery of additional business reports that allow managers at all levels to focus on the performance of their organization, view trends and spot financial anomalies;

  • seamless drill down from summary reports to the lowest level of transaction or journal entry; ;

  • analysis of the accounting treatment of all transactions ;

  • production of highly formatted financial reports;

  • wide access with high security; and

  • automatic data mining for anomaly detection and proactive alerts to specified individuals whenever an anomaly is detected.

The system can also be easily modified and extended to meet expanding reporting and data requirements, says MicroStrategy.

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