• September 18, 2002
  • News

Calling all call centers

ServiceWare has introduced the latest release of its eService Suite, Version 4.5, which the company says provides fully integrated support for the multichannel contact center.

New features include:

E-mail response management. The system provides the ability to automatically act on an e-mail message sent from a Web form, sent to a particular address or sent from a session escalated in eService Site. The system will auto-track, auto-acknowledge, auto-respond or auto-suggest using information in the knowledgebase or agent interaction through eService Professional. Chat management. Both users performing self-service through eService Site and agents accessing knowledge via eService Professional have chat capabilities for escalation, communication and knowledge delivery.

Case management. eService Professional now has the ability to track account and contact information, as well as interactions with those contacts by logging interactions, regardless of how they occur.

Skills-based routing. A queue of incoming e-mails and chat session requests is maintained. Items in the queue are visible to an agent, based on the agent's role. The items in the queue are identified as chat, Web escalation or e-mail.

Enhanced analytic reporting. Twenty new pre-packaged reports include those for contact center operations, case management and knowledge management.

Section 508 compliance: The eService Site user interface is now completely compliant with Section 508, which requires that Federal agencies provide the disabled with access to information comparable to the access provided to those without disabilities.

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