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  • April 8, 2009
  • News

CMS with e-mail archiving

DocuLex and dtSearch have joined forces to provide an e-mail archiving extension to DocuLex’s Archive Studio product line. DocuLex’s WebSearch component with embedded dtSearch Engine can now pull inbound and outbound e-mail from a Microsoft Exchange Journal mailbox, further expanding the product suite’s broad document management and archival capabilities, says DocuLex.

The company adds Archive Studio provides a wide range of highly scalable capabilities, from file capture to collaboration, workflow, enterprisewide content management, document management compliance, failover continuity and life cycle policy management. Organizations can direct the flow of documents from capture through policy-based destruction.

DocuLex WebSearch for Archive Studio offers a variety of collaboration and organizational features. Active Directory integration enables heightened security and user permission access and tracking. WebSearch also serves as an offsite document archival/disaster recovery facilitator, with advanced public key infrastructure (PKI) encryption and digital signature security.

dtSearch says its products can index over a terabyte of data in a single index, as well as create and instantly search an unlimited number of indexes. The software offers more than two dozen search options, including Unicode support covering hundreds of international languages. Proprietary file format support provides for highlighting hits in all popular file types. A built-in spider supports searching of local and remote, public and secure, dynamic and static Web data, with WYSIWYG hit-highlighted display of Web-ready data. The dtSearch engine API supports .NET, Java, C++, SQL, etc., including native 64-bit Windows/Linux support.

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