• September 23, 2002
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Build it, and they’ll come

Entopia has unveiled its Knowledge Builder program, which is designed to offer practical strategies and services to achieve end-to-end knowledge management solutions customized for the individual client.

The company explains that Knowledge Builder is a taxonomy discovery and content classification service said to further facilitate collaboration and improve the location of expertise, documents and sources of existing enterprise legacy content.

The Entopia offering uses semantic technology to analyze source documents to extract key concepts. These extracted concepts are matched against the semantic DNA associated with existing topics in the knowledgebase in order to automatically generate a target or suggested taxonomy. This target taxonomy is flexible and may be customized in several ways to meet the customer's needs by Entopia's KM consultants, says the company.

Entopia adds that once the taxonomy has been established, the classified documents, along with the new taxonomy, can automatically be migrated into Entopia Quantum. During migration, all documents are indexed by the Entopia Quantum Semantic Engine, which creates metadata about not only the content, but also about the creators of the documents, to allow for dynamic expertise profiles.

Entopia Quantum offers a complete knowledge and document management environment, providing workgroup or project collaboration spaces, document management capabilities, workflow and search capabilities. Once the migration is complete, users are able to maintain the new taxonomy by using Quantum's Smart Classify function, which recommends where to classify and store a new document based on its semantic similarity with other documents.

Entopia is offering Knowledge Builder as a professional service and will also sell the classification tools to allow an organization to perform content transformation on its own.

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