BPM goes LiveCycle

Adobe Systems has unveiled LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES), an integrated software suite designed for automating processes that help businesses and governments engage with customers, citizens, partners and suppliers, says the company. Adobe adds that LiveCycle ES integrates the capabilities of Adobe Flex and PDF technologies, while leveraging the reach of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader to enable what is claimed to be a new class of customer engagement applications.

Adobe further says LiveCycle ES enables external-facing applications to better communicate with people who may be frustrated with, or confused by, online procedures and who are likely to abandon transactions in favor of higher-cost avenues such as in-person visits or phone assistance. By transforming processes such as account enrollment, claims processing or guided self service into engaging applications, businesses and governments can improve customer service, decrease costly cycle times, and manage information faster and more accurately.

According to Melissa Webster, IDC's program director for content and digital media technologies, "Adobe's LiveCycle has matured significantly into a complete document-centric BPM solution that begins to blur the distinction between e-forms and rich internet applications. Adobe has also done a good job on the branding for its new LiveCycle ES release -- streamlining product SKUs and playing the 'suite' card, which it has done so successfully with its creative products."

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